December Update

The Capital City Clash Entry form is now posted.  This meet is Jan 29 in Lincoln

As most of you probably know that Jim Hart has been suspended from the E.C. and any affiliations with the IPF and USAPL Powerlifting. 

I hope that you keep all those that may have been affected by these terrible acts in your prayers.

Especially now we all need to come together and support this great sport of powerlifting in NE.

I need to have either the lifter or coach contact me if a lifter is competing at the Nationals or on a World Team. We will recognize the lifters on the website that are competing at Nationals only after the meet. The lifters that make any World Team will be recognized before and after the meet.

Congratulations to Bench National Competitors

  • Kelli Lambert – 165 lb. – 2nd place Open – 102.5 kg (225.5 lb)
  • Neil Backous – 181 lb. – 2nd place M4 – 137.5 kg (302.5 lb)
  • Danny Thurman – 198 lb. – 2nd place Open – 265 kg (583 lb)
  • Tim Anderson – 220 lb. – 1st place Open/ 1st place Police & Fire – 262.5 kg (577.5 lb)
  • John Probasca – 220 lb. – 3rd place M2 – 182.5 (401.5 lb)

Congratulations to IPF World Master Competitors

  • Rita Carlsson – 132 lb – 3rd Place 760.5 lb Total
  • Dan Goodwin – 165 lb – 9th Place 682 Total
  • Bill Sindelar – 242 lb – 2nd Place 1569 Total

Good Luck to the following NAPF Competitors

  • Jasen Hinkel
  • Derek Brester
  • Teresa Merrick
  • Katey Dodge
  • Lana Allen

Jim Hart is the Head Coach of the Women’s Team (4th year)

This meet will be held in Guatemala City June 20-24th

Congratulations to Teen/Jr Competitors

  • Kelby Kraft -132lb – 1st Place T1 – 975.5 Total

This meet was held in Kalamazoo MI on June 9-10

Congratulations to IPF World Bench Competitors

  • Danny Thurman – 181lb – 2nd place – 551 Bench
  • Tim Anderson – 220lb 3rd Place – 578 Bench

This meet was held in Thisted, Denmark May 30-June 2

Congratulations to Men’s Masters Lifters

  • Dan Goodwin – 1st M9 165lb 693 Total
  • Bill Sindelar 2nd M4 242lb 1526 Total

This meet was in Milwaukee on May 4-6